Sunday Link Dump 11-21-2010

November 21, 2010 at 5:25 pm (Fashion in the Media/News, Links) (, , , , )

There are two sites I’ve recently discovered and begun to read regularly.

The first is a word press blog called Dress Codes, which looks at “what people can’t wear. And what they will.”

About Dress Codes:

Dress Codes is written out of a love of clothing, and a concern that some people take clothes way too seriously.

Clothes are blamed for so many actions, viewpoints, and attitudes – but at the end of the day they’re just dirty laundry.  Dress Codes is a collection of official rules of dress, accepted rules of dress, …and ultimately ending at how ridiculous both the rules, and the garments really are.

Check out the blog here:


Another site I’ve begun following is  On this site, Swiss-Canadian makeup artist Julia posts how to videos on looks for all occasions.  Her tutorials are fantastic and easy to follow.  She truly is an artist.

Here is more about Julia from her FAQ:

Are you a professional makeup artist?
Yes, I am a freelance makeup artist. However, I also have a regular “day job” that has nothing to do with the beauty industry, and no, I will not list what that other job is. I am entirely self-taught and have never taken any classes or attended beauty school.

How did you learn how to do makeup, how did you get so good?
I learned by doing! I started out as a complete beginner and just taught myself by practicing lots! There’s no magic recipe to get good at applying makeup. Always challenge yourself by trying out new techniques and don’t be afraid to experiment, even if it ends up looking horrible! I picked up lots of tricks and ideas from Youtube and Specktra. I have been interested in and practicing applying makeup for about 6 years or so.


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