Cool2Day Wig from Amazon Review

December 27, 2012 at 10:12 am (Lolita Fashion) (, , , , , )

I bought this wig last week from For about $10 the price was right so I thought I’d give it a try since it had good reviews. The wig is made of 100% Japanese Kanekalon fibers. Let’s take a look at the wig.

This is how it was packaged, inside a plastic bag:

Wig in Package

Laid out on the bed.  As you can see it’s pretty long:


This is what it looks like worn:



From the back:


Now to examine the construction of the wig.  This is the top.  As you can see there is a skin top:


From the inside:


There are adjustable straps at the bottom back:

Inside 2

This shows how far apart the weave is, I would say less than an inch:

Width of Weave

Next to two other wigs, in order of shininess.  From left: Gothic Lolita Wigs, Cool2Day, Minty Mix

Gothic Lolita Wigs, Cool2Day Wig, Minty Mix Wig

The wig is very soft and feels almost like real hair.  It is a little shiny, especially in bright light, but it looks pretty good in natural light.  I’ll probably use some baby powder to cut down on the shine.  The wig cap was a bit big for my head, but I have a tiny head so I often have that problem.  I think for people with normal sized heads, or a lot of hair to stuff underneath this wig would work fine.  All in all, a pretty good wig for $10 and I would buy from the company again.  It was also eligible for free shipping using Amazon Prime, so I didn’t pay any shipping costs.



  1. Lana Rose said,

    Oh man, this wig looks really nice! =O I wouldn’t have guessed it was $10! Sounds like this wig may end up fitting well on me–I have a small head, but a LOT of natural hair, so my head ends up needing larger wigs, haha~

  2. ilovewiggggs said,

    I too bought 6wigs from cool2day 4 short,two long I like them all especially for the great ,great price I love wigggggs

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