Welcome to the launch of Spikes or Studs? This blog takes its name from an important question in alternative fashion: should I wear spikes, or should I wear studs?

Spikes are all out.  They add a taste of punk or goth and are nothing but dramatic!  However, studs can add a bit of edge to even the most conservative outfit (see Burberry’s recent accessories and recent shoe trends).  Choosing to wear either item is deliberate.  That stylistic choice affects the thoughts of those around you.

This idea for this blog was conceived from the concept that fashion is all around us.  Not only on the runways, and not only worn by the self-proclaimed “fashion conscious” (or “fashionistas“), but even found on those with an apparent lack of fashion.  Fashion, as defined by Wikipedia, is “is the style and custom prevalent at a given time,” but I personally believe that fashion in its most fundamental state can also be thought of as “self expression through clothing,” and that concept is something that this blog is dedicated to exploring.  At Spikes or Studs?, we will be exploring fashion that we see all around us in everyday life and highlighting fashion found in unexpected places, such as rural Russia, the suburbs, or the office.  We believe that being “unfashionable” or meeting the fashion requirements of a specific social group (i.e. baseball caps and jeans, etc) is just as much of a deliberate choice as those of us who spent hours scrutinizing our closets for outfit combinations (it just doesn’t take as long).

We hope you will enjoy reading!

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