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I recently read a few interesting articles in the news about Forever 21 and some new moves by the company.

According to this post by the Huffington Post, Forever 21 is launching a maternity line and the line will first launch in states with high rates of teen pregnancy.  Some people are up in arms about this, as Forever 21 caters to a teenage market.  Critics fear that this new line, called Love21, will encourage teenagers to think of teen pregnancy as something “cool”.  However, branching into the maternity market might be a very good business move for Forever 21, and I suspect that many of their clientele will not be teens.  The maternity clothing market is underserved, with maternity clothing tending to be both ugly and expensive and Forever 21 may be able to capitalize on those women who want something a little more trendy, yet don’t want to pay big bucks for something they can only wear for 9 months.

Another interesting wave in the consumable fashion world is releases targeted at plus sizes who also want to be fashionable.  H&M, and the Hot Topic sister Torrid have already entered this market.  According to this article from the New York Times, both Topshop and Forever 21 have launched plus sized lines to reach another underserved market.  Topshop launched their line after challenged by a plus size fashionable favorite from the band Gossip.  Forever 21’s line will be called Faith 21 and is focused on bringing the larger, curvier gals some fun and funky things to wear.

Lastly, something near and dear to my heart, fashion in Japan!  In Ginza, the second Forever 21 in Japan has recently opened, replacing a Gucci boutique.  This article from the Huffington Post talks about Japan’s new focus on fast and cheap fashion.

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Style Icon: Ayumi Hamasaki

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Ayumi Hamasaki

Anyone who has lived in Japan in the past 10 years knows Ayumi Hamasaki and has heard her music or seen her many music videos.  In the rest of Asia as well, Ayumi Hamasaki is a powerful force in music.  However, here in the USA, Ayumi is not well known at all.  As I was watching her videos a few days ago I was impressed with her ever changing looks and attention to visual detail.  I would go so far as to say that she is the Madonna of Japan, with her ever changing style and artistic control over her image, as well as her musical popularity.

Ayumi Hamasaki Magazine Cover

In the Time Asia cover story, we see a day in the life of Ayu (as her fans call her) and how involved she is in the artistic decisions surrounding her music and her look.  This creative control is what I believe makes the difference and sets her apart from stars of generic pop.

Ayumi Hamasaki from Cawaii magazine


Ayumi Hamasaki Rasta look


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